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  • Santiago Dopazo

2 Big News!

From this week we are able to manufacture pressure sensors with the shape we want. Which means that we can adapt our system to the shape of the foot and perfectly detect its different areas...

Foot heatmap presure

We officially presents Virtual Feet, few days ago, in VR PITSTOP, to VISYON 360. We did it with only 2 sensors and I think they were pleasantly surprised with the experience.

We got new feedbacks of very low motion sickness, comments on the gesture of walking backwards and the firm proposal to be early adopters of the project: Sponsorship and support from Visyon.

So they will be the first to have one of the few devices that we are preparing for early testers.

It will also be a pleasure to invite you to the official presentation of the product and the campaign that will be sometime in September.

Finally, we have postponed the Kickstarter date in early October.

Conecting Virtual Feet

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